Not exaclty new but for those who don’t follow 3Gun, FNH has a one of a kind Blue Anodized SCAR 16S. I saw it during my first year staffing the 2012 FNH 3Gun Match at Peacemaker National Training Center. If you notice, the laser engraved markings are all there. So this upper receiver was not coated afterwards.  I asked the owner how he has a Blue SCAR. He is an employee at FNH and he said he went to production, took one of the SCAR 16S uppers, before it was coated black or tan, and took it to the guys who were coating the SLP competition shotguns. He told them to coat this too. Then of course it went to laser engraving to have all the factory markings engraved.

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    Here is the competitor shooting the Blue SCAR on my stage.

    Blue Scar shooting small

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