X-Products Shipping X-15-9mm Drum for Colt 9mm Pattern Guns

    X-Products, known for their 50 round drum magazines and now infamous for the Can Cannon, is now shipping the X-15-9mm drum magazine for Colt-pattern weapons. X-Products touts it as the “most compact 9mm drum magazine on the market.”


    Built entirely from metal (steel and aluminum), the new X-15-9mm is coated in Cerakote to reduce friction. X-Products claims that the magazine needs “no lubrication and minimal maintenance to operate.”

    The first limited run of 125 units is now on sale. They are currently listed “In Stock” for $199 on X-Product’s website.

    Photo courtesy of X-Products' Facebook page.

    Photo courtesy of X-Products’ Facebook page.

    My question: where is the Glock version? With all of the Glock-pattern AR’s and Sub-2000s, it would have wider appeal than the Colt version unless the angled magazine of the Glock may have added Engineering issues?

    Nathan S

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