Daniel Defense Sues Remington for Trademark Violation

    Remington just can’t seem to get itself out of legal battles, now being sued by Daniel Defense for trademark infringement. Daniel Defense claims that Remington, more specifically Remington’s subsidiary DPMS, has been knocking off their slogan (“Lighter. Stronger. Better.”( and trademark dual chevrons (“>>”).

    A Daniel Defense add with the chevrons and variation on their standard logo.

    A Daniel Defense add with the chevrons and variation on their standard logo.

    Marketing materials for DPMS' G2 .308 rifles. Uses very similar language and symbols.

    Marketing materials for DPMS’ G2 .308 rifles. Uses very similar language and symbols.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

    Daniel Defense, based in Black Creek near Savannah, claims it has trademark rights to the slogan “Lighter, Stronger, Better,” which the company said it has used since 1996 to promote accessory parts for its custom-made rifles.

    The company also claims it has trademark rights to a “>>” chevron, an image of two strips meeting at an angle, which the company has used to promote its firearms and accessories since early 2012.

    Daniel Defense said Remington’s use of the slogans “Lighter, Stronger and even more badass” and “Lighter, Stronger and every bit as accurate as the original” in marketing material confuses consumers since the material does not prominently carry the Remington or DPMS names.

    Daniel said the slogans and a chevron similar to its double-striped symbol have appeared in Remington’s print and online advertising, in catalogs, on marketing banners and at trade shows, including one this year in Las Vegas.

    “The purchasing consumer is likely to be confused as to the source, origin or sponsorship of the firearm for sale,” the lawsuit said.

    Daniel Defense produces custom-made rifles, parts and gear for consumers and law enforcement. The weapons can start at $1,000 and cost more than $3,000.

    My take? Remington’s and/or DPMS’ Marketing departments either ripped it off or did not do their due diligence on similar marketing. My assumption is the former and this will likely be settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Daniel Defense has them dead-to-rights, legally speaking.

    Nathan S

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