Manticore Arms AK Wood Stock Adapter

    I’m a fan of good old wood stocks on AK variant rifles, but one advantage the AK has over the AR15 is the ability to swap out a folding stock and still be able to fire. That said, I’m also a fan of folding stocks on the AK, but why can’t we have both? Thanks to Maticore Arms you can, they have an adapter kit to attach your wood stock onto one of the various folding stock adapters available on the market. It will take some DIY work to fit but it doesn’t seem that difficult to do. It’s made out of 6061 aluminum and anodized black, they retail for $49.95 over at

    ak-47-folding-wood-stock-folded wood-stock-folder-kit

    The Wood Stock Adapter bolts to any standard 10-32 bolt pattern stock adapter or hinge, such as those offered by Stormwerkz, ACE Rifle Stocks, and DPH Arms. It is easily adapted to any AK, and can even be mounted to a Yugo PAP pistol by simply drilling and tapping two 10-32 holes in the rear trunnion (make sure your pistol is registered as an SBR before doing this.)

    All that needs to be done to adapter your intstall your wood stock is cut off the tang that goes in the receiver, drill holes for the Wood stock adapter in your stock (1/8″ drill bit receommended), and attached the stock with the supplied wood screws. Simple, easy, and effective!

    Made of 6061 aluminum that is bead blasted and anodizied black, Wood Stock Adapter comes with the adapter, two 10-32 bolts and washers, and two wood screws. The Wood Stock Adapter adds about 1/2″ to the length of pull when installed not including any hinge that may be installed. The stock can fold left or right depending on which direction you install a hinge or you can simply add a wood stock to any weapon without a hinge.

    Please Note: Although you can use it with commonly available polymer stocks, we do not recommend this as the polymer at the screw area is not thick enough on most polymer stocks to guarantee enough support without the tang of the polymer stock in the receiver.

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