USPSA Range Officer Cheating Scandal

    Gun Nuts Media posted about a scandal regarding Paul Hendrix. He is a USPSA Area 6 RO. According to the Doodie Project Forums, they have been doing some detective work and are proving that Hendrix’s calls for stage times are grossly inaccurate. Hendrix is shaving off seconds for his friends and arbitrarily adding seconds to times of random shooters.

    The Doodie Project uses an app called “Shot Coach” to register the shots in a video and time them.


    These are serious allegations and it calls into question every match Hendrix has RO’d.  According to Caleb Giddings;

    Word on the street is that the USPSA Board of Directors convened an emergency meeting specifically to address this issue.

    It shall be interesting what the USPSA Board of Directors do about this.

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