Iranian AM50 and Russian ORSIS T-5000 rifles in Iraq

    ARES reports that the Iranian AM50 and Russian ORSIS T-5000 are in use by the Iraqi Army (or what is left of it). I never thought I would see the day that Iraq and Iran became friends, but as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend …

    Recent photos to emerge from Iraq show government troops with new Iranian AM50 (sometimes written ‘AM-50′) anti-materiel rifles (AMR) and Russian ORSIS T-5000 sniper rifles. Whilst initially misidentified as the Austrian Steyr HS .50, the photos suggest that these rifles are in fact an Iranian produced copy of the HS .50, known as the AM50. In 2006/7 Iran acquired 800 Steyr HS .50 rifles; shortly thereafter, Iranian copies of the rifle were observed.

    It is also possible that Iraq purchased the AM50 directly from Iran. According to a report from Reuters in February, Iraq signed a deal to buy arms and ammunition from Iran worth $195 million USD. The documents cited by Reuters included provisions for “light and medium weapons.” Whilst such a contract would violate UN sanctions against Iran, it remains a possibility that these weapons could have been delivered to Iraqi troops.

    Steve Johnson

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