Australian Police: 10% of firearms seized are homemade

    Pipe Control

    The new boss of the Firearms and Organized Crime Squad has revealed that at least 10% of firearms seized by police in NSW are homemade.

    “Supt Plotecki said there was anecdotal evidence that outlaw motorcycle gangs were targeting people who have the skills to make weapons. – Earlier this year a Hells Angel prospect was caught with a homemade Uzi that police believe was a prototype he was showing his prospective employers to impress them.”

    It’s funny to see that In the same article the anti-gun group ‘Gun Control Australia’ make the claim that  “All guns start out legal ­before they become illegal (via theft or rogue dealers)”. Certainly not standard tubing submachine guns made using plans readily available on the Internet, that’s for sure.


    329605-home-made-gunsTest firing video

    A .22lr zip gun disguised as a lighter seized during a club raid.



    An improvised double barrel shotgun pistol with pizza-wheel hand brace, presumably for ‘tenderizing’.


    A single-shot knuckle duster zip gun.


    More images of homemade submachine guns previously seized in Australia can be found here.