.38 Special Colt 1911

    Yes, you read that right. A Colt 1911 chambered in .38 Special. Not .38 Super, but .38 Special. A customer brought this gun into my local gun shop and was looking for ammo to feed it. Luckily he brought some of his old ammo with him. The Colt 1911 belonged to his father and said it is 80 years old. The customer was in his late 70s.




    The magazine is wild looking.

    Colt Mag


    Upon looking at the ammo he brought in and seeing how they fit into the magazine, it was clear regular .38 Special would not work. He had a box of Western 38 Special Mid Range and a box of Federal. As you can see, Western is an old name for Winchester’s ammo division.

    Colt Ammo1

    Colt Ammo4

    Colt Ammo3

    Colt Ammo2


    Sadly the store didn’t have anything for him to feed this awesome pistol.

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