The Best MP5 Suppressor On Earth: The Knight’s KAC Navy

    Ok, so my title was a little misleading. The quietest MP5 suppressor is the one that comes on the MP5/SD. The SD is optimized to shoot suppressed and even has a series of ports along the barrel that vent gasses into the first of the can’s chambers. That said, the best can you can buy for an MP5 that is not an SD gun is the Knight’s Armament KAC Navy. However don’t just take my word for it, as the good people at Silencer Talk have tested most cans for the MP5 out there and concluded that the Knight’s offering was indeed the quietest. Their exact words were:

    This was the quietest muzzle can in the test. This was apparent even in listening tests and not just on the meter.

    The can also has that iconic Knight’s suppressor look that graced the covers of so many magazines in the 90s. The dimples on their sub-gun and pistol cans are iconic and while using an old design, are incredibly good at reducing a firearm’s report.

    A little known fact about navy contract MP5s is that they have both the three lug QD mounts and a barrel threaded 1/2×32. Why not 1/2×28? Well, who knows. Maybe HK’s “because we feel like it” attitude rubbed off on Knight’s Armament Company, or perhaps the finer thread does in fact serve a purpose (maybe one of you readers can take me to school on this one).


    Either way, when the can is threaded on it sits tight as hell and takes some elbow grease to remove.


    When on though, the gun looks like what a SEAL would be running around with during the Clinton years.


    So how does it work?

    Well, I took a video to try and convey the sound (or lack there of). For this video I used 158 grain sub-sonic, which is so quiet that I feel absolutely comfortable shooting the gun with no ear protection on!

    So onto my bullet points.

    The Good:

    • Best MP5 can on the market in terms of sound reduction
    • No POI shift at all
    • This is the “correct” can to have on an MP5-N
    • This is an opinion, but I like the way the can looks

    The Bad:

    • The can is heavier than comparable suppressors
    • Some people do not like thread on cans and would prefer a QD

    The Ugly:

    • These cans are out of production
    • As they are no longer made, they command a premium price and I have seen them sell at $2,000

    So that is that. While a damn good can, the KAC Navy is pricey and is getting harder to find. Dealers still have them however, so if you want one then scoop one up now!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.