YouTube Arms Race – Largest Binary Exploding Targets

    So there seems to be a new arms race on YouTube for the firearms channels.  It appears that everyone keeps going bigger with the binary explosives (such as Tannerite).  MAC and Funker Tactical have now claimed the new YouTube record with a 300lb explosion, set off in a tree from 200yds.  The previous on YouTube was by GY6vids at 250lbs, at least these are what I can find with my Google-fu.

    While some might call this veritable arms race dangerous, there are others that say that videos like this will eventually be the end of exploding targets for the common person.  I am not sure I agree with either, but they sure are interesting to watch… Here are the top two right now, but I am sure it won’t be long until someone sets off 400lbs. Thoughts? Should these channels keep going bigger?