Satellite Gun Kill Switch Patented

    Robert at the blogged that smart gun maker Armatix GmbH patented a system that can (in theory) remotely enable or disable a firearm via. a satellite. An extract from the patent is below …

    Preferably the device, such as a clock, also equipped with a GPS satellite transmitter and meadow preferably covers at least one of the following functions:

    Operating conditions, such as a weapon (who, when fired) are placed on the establishment of the satellite to a central office

    Target means, for example a weapon, the device can, for example, a clock can be remotely activated

    Target device, such as a gun can be unlocked by means of a built-in GPS transmitter in it only in certain places.

    Either the controller or the external device, or both may have their own power supply. This energy can be either a battery, a fuel cell, a piezoelectric cell or a solar cell comprising. In a preferred embodiment, both feature, the control unit and the transponder has its own battery. If either the control unit or the transponder does not have its own energy supply, via the wireless communication link not only data, but also power is transmitted.

    Now, I have read the patent and it is complete horse****.  It is a vague description of a concept which depends on complex battery and transmitter/antenna technology not yet invented. For example, it does not specify how you would place a satellite transmitter and its antenna inside a small gun with enough battery power to maintain a sat data connection. It does not because such technology does not yet exist. Armatix are simply hoping that if such technology does come to market within the next 20 years, the patent will grant them a monopoly on using it to disarm firearms.

    What the patent does tell us is the direction Armatix are moving in. ShortTimer wrote on his blog “Of course a remote shut-off is the next step …. This is a long march through gun culture for them. Fortunately it’s still a difficult one for the most part.”

    Steve Johnson

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