CZ 712 Practical 3Gun Shotgun

    CZ has come out with a shotgun built for 3Gun competition. It is the 712 Practical. Suggested retail price is $699.99. A very attractive price and competition for Mossberg’s entry level competition shotgun, the 930 JM Pro.


    The CZ712 Practical is a 22″ bbl with an ATI magazine extension that makes it 9+1 capactiy in 12 ga. It comes standard with an ATI Talon stock. CZ even bundles it with 5 choke tubes, whereas Mossberg JM Pro only comes with 3.

    Gabby, over at Gun Nuts Media, gives a basic review of the shotgun and how it works for her in 3Gun.

    Review 1 of 2

    Review 2 of 2

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