Multi-colored Printed Guns Leads To Arrest In Japan

    Over at Ashley reports on the arrest of a Japanese man for printing guns on a 3D printer. He was not aware that plastic guns were illegal and possessed no ammunition. Ashely writes

    Such is the case this week when 27-year-old Japanese man Yoshitomo Imura was arrested for 3D printing guns in his home. Firearm laws in Japan are notoriously strict, although many find ways around that (some legal, some not). A law passed in 1958 prohibits possession of firearms or swords (as we discussed a bit in our history profile of the Higo no Kami pocket knife).

    According to a Japanese news outlet, Imura was not aware that owning plastic guns was illegal. Imura downloaded the gun blueprints from a foreign website. About a month prior to his arrest, police had confiscated five of the guns he had printed. Ten toy guns were also discovered, and it was reported that his 3D printer, too, was seized. However, police did not find any live ammunition.

    Gun ownership is now just a click away (where the definition of a gun in this context is a plastic hand grenade more dangerous to the user than anyone else). You can now pick up all the equipment to manufacture guns at Walmart, with no skills required beyond those possessed by any iPad-using eight year old child. Download, print, enjoy your prison cell. We live in strange times.

    Steve Johnson

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