Firearm Transport Boxes from Advanced Welding Inc.

    When I used to work for a retail firearmsstore a few years back, there was two instances of firearms that were sent, but never arrived at the shop.  Near as anyone could tell from tracking info, they were swiped internally by a UPS employee.  From what I understand this actually ins’t as uncommon as one would think.

    Now a company is making transport boxes for shipping firearms in a secure manner.  Advanced Welding Inc. out of Vancouver, WA is making steel lockable, serialized boxes for shipping firearms.  At 44″x40″x22″ they fairly large, and feature a locking lid that will accept any type of lock.  As of right now, according to the company making them they are being utilized by Fred Meyer’s to transport firearms to the local stores.


    Not designed to be man portable, a forklift is needed to move them.  Pricing is as follows: 1-50 boxes @ $610.00 each 51-100 boxes @ $588.00 each 101-150 boxes @ $566.00 each 151-200 boxes @ $550.00 each.

    Being fairly local to me, I am contemplating one as a in home storage option.  If you are interesting in finding out more, or are a manufacturer looking to get more information.  Advanced Welding, Inc can be found online, with all their contact info here: