Gear Head Works Tavor Modular Forearm

    Gear Head Works has a pretty cool modular forearm for the IWI Tavor Bullpup Rifle. It replaces the factory forearm and features slots that accept Magpul MOE rail sections or a flashlight pressure pad. It also has an internal mount that can be used with most 1″ diameter flashlights, Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights mount directly and fit perfectly. It has a Cerakote finish in either black or Flat Dark Earth and retails for $125 with free shipping. Check them out at


    – Compatible with 1” bodied lights or the Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights.
    – Slots provide additional ventilation over the factory forearm as well as the ability to accept the Magpul MOE rail sections.
    – Front end cap is a rock solid one piece mount providing 7/8” of clamping contact on your light and 3 points of contact bolting it to the forearm body.
    – End cap gives a finished look and keeps dirt out of the front.
    – Cerakote finish provides an insulating property over anodized aluminum. Anodizing increases the exothermic properties of aluminum which makes it hotter to the touch over even bare aluminum.
    – Remote tape switch is run out the back and around to the side for convenient routing.

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