Bravo Company’s BCM Gunfighter Stock

    Bravo Company added a new collapsible stock under its BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) Gunfighter line of accessories for the AR-15. TFB was fortunate enough to be the first to receive a test sample from BCM and in doing so we’ve posted the first article on this new stock. The new BCM GUNFIGHTER™ Stock has some innovative design features that makes it standout among other AR-15 collapsible stocks on the market.



    Externally the BCM Gunfighter stock is based on a streamlined snag-free design. All the edges are rounded to prevent tangling of the stock with the sling, gear or other objects.



    The most notable external feature of the BCM Gunfighter stock is its large adjustment latch that runs along nearly 2/3 of the underside. This allows the weapon operator to use all four fingers to press-in and unlock the stock from the buffer tube.



    The BCM Gunfighter stock is made for the Mil-Spec buffer tube. There’s no need for an additional external tension adjustment like other collapsible stocks use. The latch mechanism on the BCM Gunfighter Stock maintains high tension on the buffer tube. There’s absolutely no rattling.



    A large rubber buttpad comes with each BCM Gunfight stock. It’s made for a non-slip shoulder placement and it helps to increase durability of the stock. The buttpad is color-matched to the stock color. This simply means the FDE color version of stock will match a tan colored buttpad.



    The internal design of BCM’s mechanism is patented. The heart of the system is a heat-treated steel alloy locking piece. It’s a much more robust design than the typical single metal pins used in most collapsible stocks. The two long side arms that are flanking the large center pin serves two purposes: they increase the contact of the locking mechanism on the buffer tube and maintains the tension which prevents stock rattling.

    Another unique feature is the use of a large leaf polymer spring which the two bottom hooks on the steel center piece attach to. Again, it’s a superior design to the typical small coil metal spring used in other collapsible stocks. The large polymer spring is more durable and has a more positive feel to it.



    The new BCM Gunfighter Stock is part of a new line of accessories that Bravo Company has developed. These include the different versions of the BCM Gunfighter pistol grips, the BCM Gunfighter charging handles, the BCM Gunfighter KMR keymod free-float magnesium-aluminum handguard, the BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grips and the BCM Gunfighter Compensator.



    The BCM Gunfighter Stock is a bit smaller and slimmer than the full size collapsible stock. Weighing in at just 7.5 ounces, the BCM Gunfighter Stock is significantly lighter than both the Vltor EMod’s 13.7 oz weight and the 10.7 oz. B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD.



    The BCM Gunfighter Stock fits in with the lighter weight collapsible stocks. Compared to the popular skeletonized stocks, the BCM Gunfighter stock has better cheek support and it’s more comfortable on the shoulder. The Magpul CTR is actually heavier at 9 oz. and the Wilson Combat Super-Stoc’s 7.3 oz. just matches the 7.5 oz. of the BCM Gunfighter Stock.




    Another great feature of the BCM Gunfighter stock is very easy to install and remove. The installation hole on its large latch allows a standard AR firing pin or a tip of a FMJ bullet to help in doing so. Just press in the latch till the matching hole on the polymer leaf spring also lines up, then insert the firing pin or bullet tip through both holes. Uses it as a leverage to push the whole latch mechanism down and the entire stock can now slide on or off the buffer tube.



    The BCM Gunfighter stock has a single convention sling loop and a QD swivel mount above it that’s accessible on either side. The rotation limiter for the QD sling mount is actually molded in as a part of the polymer shell.



    Lightweight (7.5 ounces) and priced at just $59.95, the BCM Gunfighter stock is a great value for TFB readers who need a good no-nonsense collapsible stock for their AR-15/AR-10 carbine.


    Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-