NRA 2014: PTR Industries, American-Made HK-91/G-3 Battle Rifles

    In case you haven’t heard, PTR Industries has been making big moves to bring the HK-91 platform back to our shores. Originally formed in 2006 after its predecessor acquiring a full HK-licensed factory (Fabrica MIlitar or Portugal); PTR reorganized in 2010 and has found a very willing market for the roller-locked .308 battle rifles. (Our own Alex C. owns one).


    Long variants with modern handguards and a brown precision variant.

    PTR brought the factory to the US and has recently completed a move from Connecticut to South Carolina after the Sandy Hook tragedy. There, they produce all the rifles on original H&K machinery to original H&K specs. All internal parts come with PTR’s lifetime warranty against defects.

    At the NRA show, they had a multitude of variants available on display. They had classic wood designs all the way to modern rifles with AR-style collapsible stocks and rail fore-ends. Speaking with the reps, they were exploring offering new pistols with the Sig arm-braces.

    i_8d48c80633d989fb4205f787d79fdb09PDW 2 .308 pistol with a shoulder-able brace? Sign me up!

    Nathan S

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