NRA 2014: SRM Shotguns Bolt for Non-Lethal Loads & SBS Models

    SRM Arms was showcasing their non-lethal bolt for their rotary-tube magazine shotgun. Colored orange for easy identification, the bolt is designed specifically for lower-power bean-bag and non-lethal loadings. The bolt is drop-in into the existing firearm and can only cycle low-power shells. SRM did not that it will chamber and fire a single lethal-loaded round before rendering itself unusable without armory work.


    SRM commented that many departments have been asking for specifically for dedicated non-lethal shotguns with more ammunition capacity. Most departments do not mix lethal and non-lethal shotguns for the reasons mentioned above. For one customer, they produced the blaze orange complete firearm.


    Also buried in the booth were two models of smaller magazine capacity. I would estimate they are 2 and 3-shot models.



    SRM promised a shotgun for TFB’s review. Look for it in the future!

    Nathan S

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