Don’t Buy Guns For Friends…

    Fox News reports that an Air Marshal supervisor is being investigated for buying guns using his SIG Sauer law enforcement discount, and the agency’s FFL license for transfers, on behalf of friends and Air Marshal civilian employees. Fox News reports

    The document detailing the allegations — written by a whistleblower and circulated among some employees — claimed that Poulos, at the Washington Field Office, is “under an active investigation by the DHS IG” for using his FAMS license to buy guns “from Sig Sauer for the FAMS Director, senior TSA/FAMS staff and a few Federal Air Marshals at a discounted ‘FAMS Agency’ rate.”

    Even if you are not a government employee, when buying guns (or anything) from suppliers may be considered unethical, a good rule to live by is “Don’t buy guns for friends”. Instead, give them a gift voucher or money for the gun and drive them to your local gun store gun store. Straw purchases, or gifts, even when you think they are legal, are not worth it. That girl you met in a bar three weeks ago, fell in love with and have since been on seven romantic dates and two range trips, may have felonies or mental health issues you don’t know about. Don’t gift her a gun (which is not legally considered a straw purchase), instead give her a gift certificate and drive to a gun shop and help her choose a gun.

    Steve Johnson

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