Video of Unreleased Ares Defense SCR surfaces

    Yesterday a video surfaced on a YouTube account under the name Matt Kennedy with B&H Gun Sales (or B&H Police Supply) out of Merritt Island, FL. The video is about a new lower called the SCR (Sporting Configurable Rifle) that is currently a prototype from Ares Defense. It looks to be a traditional style monte carlo stock, which would make it legal in states like California and New York.

    While not the first AR lower of its type, it certainly looks to be a more traditional style stock.  According to the video it is set to be officially released at NRA later this month and will ship with an upper similar to the one in the video.

    Looking at the design, I am a little interested in what they did with the buffer tube, because there is nothing to the rear of the upper that would act as a buffer tube.  According to the video, it will accept any upper 223/556 or 300BLK.  I would also think that it could accept any other upper that is able to be used on a standard AR lower, but that remains to be seen.

    Take a look at the video, let me know what you think.

    Thanks Will for the tip!