KRISS Vector charging handle issues

    Since May of 2012, there have been a few complaints from KRISS Vector owners about the difficulty in pulling the charging handle on their KRISS Vectors. It didn’t matter if it was a Carbine, SDP pistol, or SBR. Some owners have mitigated the problem with 500 rds+ of ammo as well as storing their Vector with the bolt locked open. Here Justin Bove shows how difficult it is to charge his Vector SBR.

    Back in September 2012 I did experience a difficult charging handle at a local gun shop back in NY. I wanted to confirm the claims that owners were making on the forums. I had the store clerk pull the Vector Carbine off the wall and I proceeded to try charging the Vector. I was unable to lock the bolt back without shouldering the Vector.

    In November of 2012, KRISS USA responded with this video. It shows the proper method to charging the KRISS Vector. The ease of racking the charging handle, is similar to my personal Vector Carbine. It is light and can be done with one finger. This video does mention one problem, but many of the Vector owner have tried this method and still have difficulty in pulling their charging handles.

    Now only a few complaints have cropped up over the past 2 years. Some of those people were able to correct the problem and others just shipped it back and they came back fixed. So this may be an isolated issue. Hopefully the problem will be corrected and quality control will resume.

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