$56K Chi-Com AK47 Vietnam War Bring Back Rifle

    This select fire bad boy cost a little more than the typical WASR-10 at your local gun store. It’s a Vietnam War bring back rifle picked up near the Mekong Delta. It has a milled receiver, front folding spike bayonet and even comes with the original cleaning kit. What’s the asking price? A cool $55,995, but if you can pay cash they’ll cut that down by $1,000. Check it out at WesternFirearms.com.

    An super rare documented original Chi-Com bring back AK47 from Vietnam. This weapon was picked up off a tributary of the Mekong Delta in the summer of 1968 by a member of the US Mobil Riverine Force known as “Brown Water Sailors. There is an article on this weapon in the April 2002 issue of Small Arms Review, Vol 5, No 7, page 89. It is a milled receiver weapon from factory 66 in excellent condition. It has the original front folding spike bayonet and still has the original cleaning kit in the buttstock. The new owner will receive a copy of the letter from the US Vet that brought this weapon back to the USA and registered it in the 1968 Amnesty Act. The form 4 that it is registered on shows the manufacturer as “Russia”. If you are a top end weapon collector, you will know what this is.




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