Polymer80 PROACTIVELY Stops Selling Polymer 80% Receivers

    G150 80 Percent AR15 Lower

    The recent raid on Ares Armor, a seller of polymer 80% receivers, suggests the legal status of these products may soon be changing. The CEO of Polymer80, Loran Kelley, has just published a notice on Facebook explaining that they have proactively and voluntarily stopped selling 80% polymer lowers until the legal status of these products has been clarified. An extract from the notice:


    Valued Customers and supporters of Polymer80,

    Some of you may have taken notice that we are no longer offering the G150 80% lower for sale on our site. We want to be clear that:

    A. We were NOT shutdown in anyway by the ATF
    B. We were NOT raided by the ATF
    C. We have NOT even been contacted or directed by the ATF in any way, shape or form
    D. We have done this VOLUNTARILY and PROACTIVELY

    We currently do NOT have an active customer list nor do we have any inventory. We are going to proactively work directly with the Science and Technology Department at the ATF to quickly get a determination letter and move forward providing a fun, affordable and legal option for gun ownership.

    The notice is addressed to their customers, but reading between the lines they are clearly signaling to the BATFE that they are, at least until the legal situation is clarified,  out of the 80% lower business. They have no “active customers” and nor do they “have any inventory”.

    If 80% receivers are deemed illegal, the question will be what does and does not constitute a firearm. Are these plastic blocks (“0% receivers”) firearms?



    Thanks to Will for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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