Remington’s Response to the GDSI Publicity Stunt

    Outdoor Wire reported Remington’s response to the GDSI publicity stunt in their newsletter …

    Executives with Remington Outdoor Company have described yesterday’s late afternoon announcement of plans by by Global Digital Solutions, Inc (OTC-QB:GDSI) to acquire Remington as “attention seeking in it’s worst form”. Officials at Remington say they will be addressing Global’s PR NewsWire announcement of their planned all-cash acquisition of Remington of nearly $1.1 Billion. The Outdoor Wire Digital Network will have the full story as it develops.

    I have worked exclusively in the gun industry since graduating college. I don’t like people messing with the industry I love. I think it is important we document for posterity the Directors and Officers of GDSI, so if anyone Google’s their names, they will find out what they have gotten up to in the firearms industry. The Directors and Officers are …

    Richard J. Sullivan – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    David A. Loppert – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    William J. Delgado – Director and Executive Vice President
    Arthur F. Noterman – Director
    Gary A. Gray – Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
    Stephanie C. Sullivan – Director. (Daughter, Wife or Relative of Richard J. Sullivan?)

    Thanks to ST for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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