Killer Innovations Factory Tour

    A few weeks back I got to head to a local company based out of Tumwater, Wash. and take a tour of their manufacturing facility.  During SHOT I posted some information about some of their products and that post can be found here.  Killer Innovations is a company that is just getting their start in the accessories market, at least under their own brand name. They have been doing OEM work for several companies making top notch AR equipment for some time now.  Just recently they began making scope rings and muzzle brakes.  In their own meticulous way they have made products that are awesome in terms of quality, design and price.  At just $49.95 their brake is designed and made better than any brake you will find in the $150 price range.


    Killer Innovations Muzzel Brake (Sam Cadle, TFB)

    While I am writer, I am also a consumer and I believe enough in the product they are making to purchase one of their .308 brakes for my personal precision rifle. I will be doing a full workup on the brake for a future review.  Initial testing by others is revealing that the brake is not only reducing recoil, it is also calming the bullet much sooner for a more consistent flight to target at extended ranges.  Many are reporting that there is zero point of impact shift and a increase in accuracy when using a Killer Innovations brake.  Rest assured, I will be putting the brake though its paces on my precision rifle, and will offer a full review.

    4-axis CNC Machine (Killer Innovations)

    Their factory is what you would expect to find in a manufacturing facility, with three 4-axis mills making products on a near full time basis, laser engraver whirring away in the corner branding products and boxes stacked ready for shipment.  The new facility they just moved into is one of the nicest manufacturing facilities I have been too in a while.  But what set this facility apart from everyone else is not decor on the walls, or the layout of the shop floor.  The difference is that design room and the ideas and collaboration that goes on there.  They are designing products that are lighter, stiffer and better than anything on the market currently.  Also, they are making top-tier products with a philosophy of making sure that they keep the price as low as they can, but not sacrificing quality. Their scope rings are a testament to that, being matched sets and milled in such a precise way that bench rest shooters took notice and are using them for competitions now.

    Scope Rings (Killer Innovations)

    I was able to talk to Rick, the designer and CAD programmer (and co-owner) about some new and upcoming products while I was there.  The most exciting is their new chassis system they are working on for the Remington 700 platform.  While the design details are still in the works, there will be some innovative new features added to the chassis, like nothing seen before.  It promises to be a ground breaking chassis that will give the user very high quality, at an affordable price.  Stay tuned for further information on this and other offerings from Killer Innovations in the future.

    I look forward to being able to work with them, a local company of good people with some great ideas in the future.  I look forward to anything else coming out of their facility with their name on it, because I know it will be the best quality possible, as light as possible and a top notch piece of gear.

    Look for more coming down the line from Killer Innovations.  If you are interested in any of their current offerings, including their muzzle brakes you can find them at where all of their products are available for purchase.

    Killer Innovations Wall Decor (Killer Innovations)