Italian Media Upset with Armalite

    The Italian Media are upset that Armalite used a photo of Michelangelo’s David in an advertisement for their AR-50A1 .50 BMG rifle. The UK Guardian newspaper, with all the hyperbole they could muster, likened this a worse affront that when the statue was vandalized with a hammer. The city of Florence has told the company to remove the advertisement because it is in violation of an Italian law.


    I love the ad. It looks fantastic.  Nobody seems upset, or notices the irony, that David was a Israeli king, nor are they upset about the Ancient Egyptian Obelisk, built by Ramses II and taken by the Romans, is a mere two 2 km down the road from Michelangelo’s David.

    Guns generally offend the media worldwide regardless of the context. Maybe our Italian readers can tell us if it actually offends them.

    Many thanks to Cornelius for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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