SIG SAUER V-Crown Ammo (Updated)

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    One of the under-the-radar new products at the 2014 SHOT Show was the appearance of the new SIG SAUER ammo.  SIG hosted a private media event prior to the SHOT Show where they let a hand-picked group of media members shoot the company’s new firearms.  The ammo being shot through the weapons?  SIG V-Crown.

    The SIG V-Crown line uses a jacketed hollow point, and is labeled as “Elite Performance Ammunition.”  Initially, ammo will be loaded for the 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 ACP.

    Jeff Creamer, the director of product development for SIG SAUER, appeared on the January 19 edition of Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk radio program.  Creamer stated the ammo will be officially launched at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in April.

    Mark Keefe, the editor-in-chief at American Rifleman, stated SIG SAUER is “…having [the ammo] made to their specifications, with their components…” in Kentucky.  That suggests SIG is outsourcing the manufacturing of the ammo.

    Txshurricane, listed as the “Owner/Admin” of the SigAddict Forum, stated that the new ammo “is manufactured for Sig – not by Sig, specifically. But Sig is being secretive about who is making it. I can only confirm that it’s U.S.-made.”

    However, Creamer stated very clearly on Gresham’s radio program that SIG is manufacturing the ammunition.  Here was the exchange between Creamer and Gresham:

    Gresham:  “…it’s not being loaded for you by somebody else”

    Creamer:  “No, it’s our…operation.”

    Gresham:  “You have your own ammo company.”

    Creamer:  “It’s our operation, yeah.”

    SIG will have a long way to go to prove the performance of a new defensive hollow point round.  There are many good choices already on the market.  However, with ammo supplies constrained, bringing additional product to the market is a good thing for consumers looking for lower prices.

    UDPATE: An update from SIGAddict here.

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