Sightmark Releases LoPro Green Laser Designator & Flashlight Combo

    An obvious ode to current PEQ units, Sightmark has released their LoPro green laser designators (SM23001 with only the laser and the combination unit SM25004).  With an offset laser emitter & flashlight, the LoPro series is designed specifically for AR-15s. For survivability, the designators are rated to handle IPX7 (immersion up to 1 meter) & shock up to 1,000 Gs.

    SM25004_alt2 1000x1000 (Web)

    Using standard CR123 batteries, the 532 nm, 5 mW laser is visible up to 600 meters during the night and 50 meters during the day. The laser has a 1.5″ dot at 50 yards. Battery life for the combo unit is 12 hours for the laser, 17 for the 220 lumen light, and 4.5 hours for both laser and light. The laser is adjustable 1 MOA per click with over 380 MOA total travel on both windage and elevation. Both units have either push-button or pressure-pad operation.

    SM25004_side2 1000x1000 (Web)

    The stand-alone designator retails for about $120; the combo unit for $180.

    At first glance, either is an excellent bargain, but buyers in colder climates should note the laser is only rated for 32-120 F. Sightmark does write: “Constructed of high-performance thermoplastic, which prevents the battery from getting cold… the LoPro green laser is not only resistant to cold weather, but also heat protected.”

    Nathan S

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