India’s Prototype MCIWS Rifle In Detail



    India’s Prototype MCIWS (Multi-Calibre Individual Weapon System) was on display at the DEFEXPO 2014 arms expo. The rifle has been designed to chamber 5.56mm, 6.8x43mm and 7.62x39mm. It appears to be based on the FNC design with some AR-15 features mixed in and is being built alongside an electronic optics and under barrel grenade platform which will allow the operator to launch airburst grenades.




    Take a look at the top photo and the remainder of the photos which show the gas system and gas block. It appears that there is gap in the gas system inside the gas block. The magazine well cut out is designed to allow the operator to inspect how many rounds are left in the magazine … but seems like a good way to get dirt inside a critical part of the rifle action. The sling swivel attached to the barrel is very old fashioned and won’t help improve accuracy. It curiously features a AR-15-style rear changing handle.










    Thanks to Senthil for the tip and twinblade and Trishul-trident for photos.


    Steve Johnson

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