Opening Knives Like The Pros

    Tamara Keel writes at Shooting Illustrated

    Back in the late ’90s, there was this customer at the gun store where I worked who I thought was super cool. Not just because he carried an HK P7M13—which is pretty cool right there—but because he carried this expensive pocket knife from some brand I didn’t know and he could open that thing like a ninja. He’d just reach for his pocket and… BAM! He’s got an open knife in his hand. I’d played with various autos and assisted-openers, and I knew how to pop a folder open with a quick wrist flick or twirl a Bali-Song, but the only way I’d seen people have a blade in their hand that fast was with knives in a sheath and no unfolding involved. Because I didn’t want to seem like a total n00b, I never asked him how he did it…

    UPDATE: Y’all were supposed to click the top link to read the full post. Here is is in full.

    Steve, a reader, emailed use a photo of his modded Spyderco knife that can be quickly opened.


    Steve Johnson

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