Levitate Technologies

    For the past six months I have been in touch with Joseph Zawaideh, the co-founder of a tech start up named Levitate Technologies. The company, based in San Diego, are developing an interesting harness that assists its operator in carrying or holding heavy objects and keeping them steady.  The harness is fully mechanical, using a system of springs and pulleys, and is lightweight. The first thing I asked the company was if the system would allow the operator to shoot from the prone position. They investigated my question and have determined that it would not interfere with prone shooting (nor would it help). I can see this system helping soldiers who carry heavy DMR, Sniper, LMG or GPMG small arms and would like to shoot them in the off hand, squatting, kneeling or sitting positions.

    It may also help hunters who, maybe because of old age or disability, are unable to hold a rifle steady. This video demonstrates the system …

    What do y’all think? Does this system have potential for shooters and military personnel? 

    Steve Johnson

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