If Star Wars Was Historical Fiction, What Guns Would They Use?

    Western-themed Leah with Colt Single Action Army

    Most of the guns in the original Star Wars Trilogy were hacked-up / bubba’d / tacticool versions of classic WWII, or earlier, vintage guns. The Ion Blaster was a Enfield rifle, the Blaster pistol was a broomhandle Mauser, Bob Fett’s carbine was a Webley flare gun and the T-21 Light Repeating Blaster was a Lewis Machine Gun. I was sent a link to a toy maker who has reimagined the Star Wars universe in different historical eras, and armed them with non-tacticool period weapons, from Colt revolvers to M1 Garands. A few of his models are below …


    WWII Stormtrooper with MP-40



    Feudal Japanese Han with muzzeloader pistol.


    WWII Han with Mauser C96


    Steampunk Bad Guys with M1 Garands

    Is you were to re-imagine Star Wars, what period would you choose and what guns would you arm them with?

    Steve Johnson

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