MSE Adjustable Red-dot Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    New from Israel is the MSE series of red-dot sights. It was developed by retired Lt Col. Mikey Hartman who founded and was the commander of the IDF marksmanship and sharpshooter school with over 20 years of training experience.



    The MSE sight is constructed with a combination of aluminum base and advanced polymer body. Windage and elevation are adjustable without using a tool. Size and weight wise the MSE sight is similar in size to the full-size EOtech 550 series. The sight will co-witness with the iron sights on an AR-15. The battery life is 1875 hours from a CR123 lithium battery.



    The MSE sight features a large EOTech-style view window on top and its control is simple yet effective. It’s almost grunt proof (nothing is truly grunt proof!) with buttons for illumination level, power and reticle selection.┬áNo doubt, the MSE sight was designed by an infantry officer.

    One of the special feature of the MSE sight is that the controls are duplicated on the PTT remote control cable mounted on the handguard or forward grip. This allows the soldier to adjust the sight without taking his/hers support hand off the weapon. It also function as a redundancy control for the sight in case of battle damage.



    Another special feature of the MSE sight is the selectable reticles. I was able to tried out all three reticles that the MSE sight has during the pre-SHOT Show Media Day at the Range. The bullseye reticle is quick in CQB and the 1.7 MOA dot with trackbars reticle is good for shooting farther out. After those two, the plain red dot is just boring to shoot. I would like to thank Lt Col. Hartman for coaching me on the range.



    The MSE sights will be distributed in the USA by Command Arms Accessoriess (CAA). Price starts from around $700 for the thumb screw mount version and multiple configurations will be offer by CAA. Those will be including upgrades like QD mount, PTT cable control and integral visible and IR laser designator.


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