AM-TAC Precision Announces The .416 Hushpuppy

    The .416 Hushpuppy, a new proprietary round being offered with a AR upper by AM-TAC Precision was announced at SHOT this year.  The concept to the round is claimed to have a maximum point blank range to 200yds on a man sized target, and creates a wound channel larger than 12ga 00 buck or a slug due to the yawing characteristics of the bullet when it encounters a soft target.  The round is designed to be shot suppressed, and AM-TAC is currently working with suppressor manufactures to have a suppressor made for the round.


    While it is definitely a funny looking round with an even more interesting name, the initial numbers that are being put out there by AM-TAC look promising.  The rounds ballistics are being compared to 12ga rounds in terms of the amount of energy dispersed and wound channel sectional data.  The round is designed to be marketed to the LE and hunting community, and would make a great hog or predator round.  The upper is made with all commonly found products, except the barrel which will be proprietary.  The bolt carrier will be a standard AR BCG, the bolt will be a 7.62×39 bolt.  While AM-TAC will be producing the bolts, in a pinch one could find a 7.62×39 bolt and put it in the rifle if needed.  While the ammo will also be proprietary at first, AM-TAC will have a company that will OEM the brass for reloaders, while the bullets will be available off the shelf.

    While I do not think this round will be the next .300BLK, I do believe that it will have a following if AM-TAC is able to get the word out, and keep prices at a believable level.  As a predator hunter myself I would be eager to use the round in a hunting application to see how it handles.  We will certainly have to see if the round stands up to the test of time, and the discerning shooters out there that will be shooting the round.