SHEILDSAK takes you off the grid



    Shooting, like the rest of everyday life, is becoming more and more technological every day. And nearly everyone, including shooters, carries a phone or tablet with them wherever they go. The advantages of these technologies are obvious, but they don’t come without concerns. Gun owners, often even more sensitive to security and privacy concerns than most, will want to take a look at the SHIELDSAK by the makers of the waterproof, touch-capable LOKSAK.

    Woven from seven types of metal in a ripstop bag, the SHIELDSAK is a Faraday cage that blocks all signals in and out. A cell phone with an active signal will disappear off the grid in 5-10 seconds after being sealing in a SHIELDSAK. Gone. It won’t ring. It can’t be tracked. And the user will regain a little autonomy. Items with RFID chips such as passports, ID cards, or credit cards disappear instantaneously and can’t be scanned.

    A new coating has upped the durability of the SHIELDSAK to 5-7 years or longer if treated well. The smaller one (pictured) runs $65 to $69. The larger size for tablets goes for $149.

    Shelby Murdoc

    Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and