Nemo Pratka .300 Win Mag AR

    Nemo Pratka .300 Win Mag

    Nemo Pratka .300 Win Mag

    Nemo Arms has a line of high-end and high-priced ARs in .300 Win Mag. This year they’re adding a blue collar working man’s gun to the lineup at a lower price. Mind you, this “lower price” is still $3,999, so we probably won’t be seeing a ton of these out at the range on the weekend.

    The Pratka has a 20″ barrel and lightweight stock, making it more portable than the other cannons in the Nemo lineup. It has a match trigger and billet receiver for a consistent touch and solid feel. The Pratka does not have the adjustable gas block that the rest of the Nemo guns have.

    Using Nemo’s patented recoil-reduction technology in the bolt carrier group, I’m told that .300 Win Mag shots “tap like a .223.” I haven’t fired one of these guns, but the literature shows that the Nemo .300 Win Mags kick a little, but only a little, harder than .308 guns. So, despite the manageable recoil, the “taps like a .223” claim might be a bit of a stretch.

    The rep also mentioned that a sniper he talked to told him that he liked the .300 Win Mag guns compared to .308 because he could watch the trail of his shot as it went in, which helped him and his spotter prepare for follow-up shots better and more quickly.

    Shelby Murdoc

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