A Game of Glocks (continued …)

    Gadson and his wife Kathrin (center)

    The intrigue of the Glock family rival even the most outrageous Hollywood soap operas. The latest news out of Austria is that Helga Glock has lost a case against her former husband to get back the 15% of the Glock Ges.m.b.H. (the gun making company we all know and love) that she gifted to the Private Glock Foundation back in 1998. The Private Glock Foundation is the trust (trust may not be the correct Austrian-legal term) that owns 98% of the before mentioned gun manufacturer. Helga owns the remaining 2%. She argued that the gift should be returned due to criminal misconduct and gross ingratitude.

    Helga and the couples children were cut out of the company and Foundation management after he had a stroke, divorced his wife, married his much younger nurse and made her a director of the Foundation.

    There are a number of court cases still pending in Austria and the USA between Gadson and his family.

    Thanks to TroubleshooterBerlin for information.

    Steve Johnson

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