Osprey Defense Acquired by Ark Defense Group Inc

    AR-15 gas-piston conversion kit maker Osprey Defense recently announced that they were acquired by Ark Defense Group Inc (ARK). Osprey will still be around under the Osprey name but their HQ will move from Florida to Virginia.

    VIRGINIA BEACH, V.A. – DECEMBER 19, 2013 – ARK DEFENSE GROUP (“ARK”), officially announces the acquisition of Osprey Defense LLC, a manufacturer of a self-cleaning piston conversion kits for the AR15/M4/M16 platform. Osprey will continue to operate under the Osprey Defense name but will be a fully owned subsidiary of ARK. With its change in ownership, the Osprey Defense headquarters has been relocated from its offices in Bradenton, Florida to the ARK Defense offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    The Osprey System is one of a growing line of specially designed products in the ARK Defense portfolio. Israel M (Izzy) Anzaldua (Osprey Defense & Ark Defense Chief Operating Officer) describes the Osprey Defense Piston Drop in Kit as “simple, effective and robust.”

    Product Information

    The Osprey system is a gas piston upgrade for your AR-15. Switching to a gas piston operating system from a direct gas impingement one leads to a cleaner and cooler operating rifle. This should lead to fewer malfunctions and considerably more time between cleanings. The OPS-416 kit is a true drop-in gas piston conversion, installing easily in a few minutes with a minimum of tools or technical expertise.

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