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    There are a number of computer driven training systems on the market these days. The system I tested extensively is the OCAT from OutWest Systems.

    What sets this system apart from others is the ability to tailor the system for the individual shooters needs. OutWest offers the system in four configurations. The first two options are for indoor laser training. Pretty handy during those long cold months when a lot of people refrain from going to the range for live fire practice.

    The entry-level package contains only the software package. This assumes the buyer already has a computer, laser trainer and webcam. The cost is $125.00 for the software. The second system, which is still a laser only indoor system, contains the following components. The user supplies the laptop, laser targeting system and tripod.


    • OCAT Software Package,
    Laser Training Mode Version Only
    • Camera
    • Camera Mount
    • Target Package


    This system sells for $300.00.

    System number three is referred to as the basic system. This is the first of the outdoor systems. The following components are included with this basic system. The user supplies the laptop, tripod, spotting and a laser system for your pistol.

    • OCAT Software Package, Full Version
    • Camera
    • Camera Mount
    • Target Package

    This package runs $495.00.

    Finally we have the full system, which provides the shooter with the full range of shooting practice from indoor laser training to long-range live fire. The standard system contains the following components. Again the user provides the laptop and laser training device.

    • OCAT Software Package, Full Version
    • Camera
    • Camera Mount
    • Spotting Scope
    • Target Package
    • Tripod
    • Case


    Total cost for this system is $795.00. Again this does not include the components mentioned. On average adding an Acer laptop with a 10.3 screen size will add approximately $295.00. A laser training system will run in the area of $75.00 for a multiple gun setup. This means the entire full system with the needed extras will run in the area of $ 1165.00. The full system isn’t inexpensive by any means. I would place this last system more in the area of the type used on a regular range or the professional shooter who needs the ability to have his or her shots analyzed and detect problems.

    The final system is the deluxe. This option contains everything the user needs in one carry bag. The cost of this model is $ 2085.00

    The software package contains the operating program for live fire and laser training as well as providing an extensive package of targets to print out. In general the targets provided need to be used rather than any targets you may have. The system only calibrates with the included targets.

    The system is very simple to setup. The tripod is setup at which time the spotting scope is mounted with the adapter and camera attached to the rear of the scope. Once this is done the camera is connected to the laptop and the software started.

    The spotting scope is focused on the proprietary target along with the camera adjusted to obtain a clear view of the target on the computer. Next the target must be calibrated with the same computer generated target on the computer screen.

    On the main page of the OCAT program the user also enters the general and specific information. Different shooters are entered into the system along with the gun being used, load used with details on that particular load. The user also chooses between laser training mode and live fire.

    I have to say the software isn’t terribly intuitive and requires the user to become very familiar with the instructions and illustrations in the user manual. Without a good working knowledge of the manuals contents it will pose a bit of a challenge to the user to set the system up to perform the functions the shooter or shooters desires. I noticed there were a few glitches in converting the software from training to live fire. It took a good bit of time to figure out how to get around the problem. It’s certainly not the case of using the drop down menu and selecting the live fire option. It tends to jump right back to training mode.

    The software does provide the ability to time shots as well as groups of shots somewhat like a handheld timer. The targets can be saved for future reference for each shooter. You can also save your session and begin a new session anytime. A fairly new ability is to have the computer announce results via the laptop speaker or through earplugs to protect your hearing if others are still shooting.


    The accessories provided with the system are of good quality. The camera image is good and the Celestron spotting scope is clear with good glass. The tripod is very sturdy and of high quality. It also has an adjustment height from about knee high up to over five feet.

    The software could use some tweaking so it would be more user friendly for those with little or no computer experience. I would also like to see the system be able to easily handle any target the user wants with greater ease. The cost of the system could be a bit much for a number of shooters which is one reason I thought it more appropriate for a full time range to use.

    The system certainly provides a lot of options for just about any type of shooting. The OCAT is worth having a look at. It may just help you pass those long winter days when most of us are bored to death or reloading ammo all winter.

    OutWest OCAT

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.