New FN SCAR-P: A Sleek PDW Variant

    At the Milipol expo in Paris FN Herstal unveiled a new prototype PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) variant of the FN SCAR. The FN SCAR-P features a sleek upper receiver that lacks a full length top rail and heat vents (for a gun designed to be carried at the ready in tight spaces, less is more). The SCAR-P has a new collapsable wire stock with a very thick recoil pad. In order to accommodate the stock they  removed the “bumper” barrel screw retainers that are normally on each side of the receiver just forward of the eject port, which makes the gun look a lot better in my opinion (at the possible expense of making maintenance harder).

    fn scar-p 2


    One thing I like about FN is that they are not afraid to show you a work in progress. This is actually the third FN SCAR PDW we have seen in as many years.


    The original FN SCAR PDW (2011)


    The current FNH-USA SCAR PDW production model.

    The SCAR-P look like a amalgamation of the original FN SCAR PDW prototype and the FNH-USA SCAR PDW. Is the FN SCAP-P the company’s final attempt at a PDW? Probably not.


    Steve Johnson

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