The TOFYJ-30 Project

    A very prominent member of the /k/ weapons board (anonymous forum) sadly passed away recently. In tribute to his friend, a member of /k/ is designing a rifle that can be built entirely of handtools. His design is a straight–pull tactical-looking rifle which can be adapted to a wide range of calibers. All the parts for this rifle should be purchasable online and finished without milling or welding. Once the design has been complete the designer plans on making the blueprints free and hopes that the community will start designing improvements.


    The progress of this project, still in its early days, can be followed at Tumblr.

    A couple of months ago, I found out that the man who got me into mechanical design many years ago passed away. This is my goodbye gift to him, the TOFYJ-30/12. It’s a multi-caliber (.308, 7.62x54R, and 12 gauge, depending on barrel and extractor) straight-pull bolt-action garage gun that uses heavy gauge tubing as a receiver. At a bare minimum, it requires no milling or welding (I’m building the prototype exclusively using hand tools) and parts readily bought online. In accordance with the mannerisms of the man this project is devoted to, the blueprints will be available for free. Once the blueprints are made available, I’ll be encouraging the community to add to the number of parts- new magwells, new bolt designs- I’m sure a semi-auto one could be built. I want this project to grow. I want this to be a collective thanks to a great man.

    Steve Johnson

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