Citadel M1 Carbine in 9mm: Additional Information

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
M1 Carbine 9mm

Legacy Sports International released additional information on the new M1 Carbine clone chambered in 9×19.

The gun is blowback operated and uses Beretta 92 magazines. The gun will ship with either two 10-round or two 17-round magazines depending on local gun restrictions.

Two stock options will be available: wood and black synthetic. The trigger, barrel band, and sights will be made of steel. Some other parts, such as the bayonet lug, will be made of plastic.

According to Legacy Sports International, the gun will have the same external dimensions as the .22 LR version of the gun, but will weigh 5 lbs, 8 oz.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Mazryonh Mazryonh on Nov 16, 2013

    Aside from magazine commonality, why would anyone need this? Doesn't the .30 Carbine round have a longer effective range, along with expanding ammunition that WW2 troops were forbidden to use now available?

    If you want a 9mm PCC, there are already plenty of models on the market that use Glock mags.

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    • Anonymoose Anonymoose on Nov 26, 2013

      @Mazryonh I would say both. :L

  • Jim Balsamello Jim Balsamello on Jul 14, 2014

    Is it legal in NJ?