Armenian Rifles Chambered in 300 BLK


    Aspar Arms, an Armenian company, is chambering two rifles for the .300 BLK (aka .300 AAC BLACKOUT) cartridge: the AS300 and the ASR300.

    The AS300 is an integrally suppressed AK-style rifle that is adorned with a variety of rails and has an adjustable length stock.  The barrel length is about 9.8″ and the gun has an overall length of about 36.2″.  The rate of fire is listed as 500 rounds/min.


    The ASR300 is a bolt-action rifle that is also designed for use with a suppressor.  The gun uses a folding buttstock and a seven round, detachable magazine.  Barrel length is only 9.8″ and the suppressor adds another 10.2″ to the length.

    Richard Johnson

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