DSEi: Liteye Systems LZAD Thermal Overlay Display For EOTech

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

US company Liteye Systems had their prototype LZAD unit on display at DSEi. This nifty optical system can overlay a thermal image in front of an EOTech sight. It can also display targeting information from a central computer to direct and assist shooters. In the prototype that was on display, the thermal camera is mounted under the carbine’s barrel and wired into the sight.

When I contacted the company about the LZAD they were very tight-lipped and did not want to talk about it. All they said was that it is a prototype which might never go into production.

UPDATE: I have been reliably informed by a representative of the company that the LZAD is not a prototype not only is it in production but it is also in the hands of end-users. The employee of Liteye who I originally spoke to may have misunderstood which product I was asking about.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • KenoColorado KenoColorado on Oct 02, 2013

    LZAD is in production and available for purchase. It accepts both video and/or computer input.

    • KenoColorado KenoColorado on Oct 02, 2013

      @KenoColorado Also available from Liteye is the Aquila "Mini" thermal camera that is attached under the barrel.

  • Sal Sal on Oct 03, 2013

    Anyone know if they'll make an aimpoint compatible version?