DSEi: Liteye Systems LZAD Thermal Overlay Display For EOTech

    US company Liteye Systems had their prototype LZAD unit on display at DSEi. This nifty optical system can overlay a thermal image in front of an EOTech sight. It can also display targeting information from a central computer to direct and assist shooters. In the prototype that was on display, the thermal camera is mounted under the carbine’s barrel and wired into the sight.


    When I contacted the company about the LZAD they were very tight-lipped and did not want to talk about it. All they said was that it is a prototype which might never go into production.

    UPDATE: I have been reliably informed by a representative of the company that the LZAD is not a prototype not only is it in production but it is also in the hands of end-users. The employee of Liteye who I originally spoke to may have misunderstood which product I was asking about.



    Steve Johnson

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