DSEi 13: STK Airburst 40mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher

    ST Kinetics has been developing their 40mm ABMS (Air Bursting Munitions System) for a while now. The ABMS Upgrade Kit can be installed in a wide range of 40mm automatic grenade launchers, such as the Mk19 Mod 3, H&K GMG, CIS 40 and STK LWAGL. The company now developed a 40mm airburst system that can be attached to regular rifles.


    Airburst system mounted on STK SAR 21 Rifle.

    A 40mm grenade is going to have a lot more power than the 25mm grenade found in the XM25 or the 20mm grenades found in some other airburst systems. The limited payload of those small caliber grenades has been their chief criticism. On the other hand they can travel on a much straighter trajectory than the 40mm rounds.

    To the soldiers and vets reading this blog, is this a system you would have found useful? Or is the extra weight something you would prefer to go without?


    STK under barrel grenade launcher.

    Steve Johnson

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