Social Loads For The 10mm Auto

    Over at AllOutdoor Oleg blogs about his experience teaching a new shooter using a Kimber Eclipse II pistol chambered in 10mm ….

    Recently, my friends and I taught a new shooter aged 17. In three hours, this slightly built girl went from shooting subsonic .22 from a suppressed pistol to ringing steel and knocking down small tree stumps at twenty paces with a Kimber in 10mm Auto. Watching her shoot this powerful gun with easy competency was fun. Shooting high-power loads from a subcompact Glock 29 I used to own gave me the memory of great torque and recoil, yet a teenage girl shot the same caliber with no great effort. How could that be?  Curious about the increase of power from .22 subsonics to 10mm, I looked up the ballistics by brand and found something curious: the mighty 10 isn’t always as mighty as I remembered it.

    Steve Johnson

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