Warfytr Equipment Rifle Mag Carrier

    Warfytr Equipment posted a few sneak peak shots on their Facebook page of the new rifle mag carrier that they have in the works. There are a ton of magazine carriers on the market, what makes theirs so special? Well unlike most every magazine carrier on the market, their mag holders release the mag at the bottom of the carrier. This places the magazine in a position that increases reload speeds as you pull the mag out of the holder. It also features a patent pending self-locking retention system to keep the mags firmly in place until you’re ready to reload. The Warfytr mag carrier will come in two different models, one for aluminum mags and one for polymer mags. According to their website they’ll retail at $45. No word on when they’ll be officially released as of yet, however Warfytr Equipment posted on their Facebook page that they’re hoping to have them available by October. 

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