Mapping The Imports And Exports Of Guns & Ammo

    The Peace Research Institute of Oslo have produced a visualization of the imports and exports and military and civilian weapons and ammunition. I have seen many of these types of visualizations before, but this is the first one I have seen that allows you to filter out military weapons so you only see civilian weapon data. You can click on any country and see where they export civilian (or military) weapons to and from where they import them.



    One interesting country is Zimbabwe. They import civilian weapons from the Czech Republic and from the UAE and exported some of them them to North Korea. A Zimbabwe arms broker must be procuring hunting weapons on behalf North Korean elite (I am 99.99% sure regular civilians can’t own guns in North Korea) in order to get around sanctions.

    If anyone else sees interesting data hidden away, let us know in the comments.

    You can filter out military weapons by clicking on the appropriate dots in the bottom right hand corner.

    Steve Johnson

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