Lanco Tactical Grip Stop

    Lanco Tactical has developed a simple hand stop that cuts the difference in angle between a vertical foregrip and a grip like the Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip). It is selling for  $39.95.

    Lanco Tactical LLC is pleased to announce the Grip Stop™.  The Grip Stop™ is the culmination of a brainchild design by a former U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran to fill the void between using a vertical grip and hand stop. The Grip Stop™ allows a variable angle grip to prevent locking the wrist. Use as an assist to the modern “C grip” technique or as a barrier stop.  The Grip Stop™ is made in the USA in South Central Pennsylvania. It is made from solid billet aluminum and then hard coat anodized black. It comes with mounting hardware to fit most applications.

    It is designed to fit weapons without a picatinny rail.  The Grip Stop™ fits Magpul Handguards, Geissele Super Mod Rail, JP VTAC Mod, APEX Gatorgrip, Noveske NSR, Troy VTAC & Alpha, Diamondhead VRS, PWS Keymod, LWRC SPR, Midwest Industries Freefloat G2 SS, OEM “Round” or M4/M16 Style Handguards.  It will fit most forearms/handguards with 2 3/8″ spaced holes or slots and modular forearms with 6 o’clock holes/slots & keymod.  With a weight of 2 oz. the Grip Stop™ will not add unwanted weight to a weapon.

    Steve Johnson

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