BATFE Form 1 Taking Up To A Year To Process

    A member was told that that his Form 1 (Application to Make and Register a Firearm) would take up to one year to process. 57Strat wrote

    I just called today to check on a Form 1. The woman on the phone said if I sent an application in today, it would take 12 months. She said they currently have 46,000 applications backlogged. She said applications received back in January 2013 will take 9 months.
    These delays are especially infuriating for gun owners because filing a Form 1 requires a $200 tax stamp, but the BATFE are said to employ only 9 examiners to process applications for the entire country.
    The website NFA Tracker allows people to self-report how long their NFA applications took. People who had their forms approved in January 2013 had to wait about 9 months before they got their approval, which aligns with that the forum user reported, so it is not hard to believe that people submitting forms in August 2013 will have to wait a year.
    Until the BATFE are forced to reform, the best advice I can give is to send in forms early and send them in often.
    Thanks to J for the tip.
    Steve Johnson

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